CENTRIC - a full management system ....

"Reading through the last of the emails concerning the wind-up of the Cotton CRC (Friday 3 May 2013) I feel a great sense of sadness that the CRC is now closed. I also realise that life must go on knowing that there are a plethora of other opportunities on which to be busy. I am so pleased that you made contact with me as I really do need to thank you and your team for your support over the seven years of the Cotton CRC.

The very first thing I want to say about Centric is that YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!.

Cotton CRC ran our whole CRC with Centric. It was invaluable. It's exactly the program/management system we were expecting and hoping for. It meshed smoothly with all of our manual systems and procedures to achieve the exact management of our projects we need to get the results and outcomes for the CRC. I forget the exact number of projects but I know it cover about five A3 pages when listed. We also had an enormous number of in-kind contributions to manage as well which Centric made easy to do. Centric was straight forward to implement and manage. It was also easy to learn and the reports were exactly what we needed for Management, Accounting and Board reporting. Our researchers, although dubious at the start, all contributed to the reporting requirements monthly and quarterly as requested. All of them appreciated the easy to use format of the Centric System and most didn't even read the user instructions sent out; they just logged in and completed the task as requested.

Personally I'd like to see every CRC in Australia use Centric to its full potential. In a nutshell, Centric makes the management of projects in the R & D context easy and efficient with a minimum of fuss.

I'm not sure what else to say, as I could go on about what our systems were and what we used Centric for. I Just want to make sure that you had a big thank you from all of us that were involved with Cotton CRC. We just appreciated the simple and professional way that Centric fitted into our CRC and really helped to manage it without the use of external spread-sheets and any other software other than a simple accounting system to actually pay the bills and manage the bank account. Congratulations. All the best in the future – I'll be keeping in touch."

Mrs Kym Bruce nee Orman
Ex Business Manager
Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Ltd


CENTRIC - managing complex governance requirements  ....

"I am please to write this reference for Centric Management & Governance Solutions Pty Limited in regard to the Centric System. The Centric System provides a suite of modules that have become an integral part of our management system, both from a financial and scientific reporting nature. I was engaged as the CEO of the CRC for Biomarker Translation in mid-2008. Part of my initial review of the operations of the CRC revealed that there had been a proposal to license an electronic management/database system. At this time, I was aware that the CRC had identified the Centric System, however I was strongly considering managing the centre and its reporting with spreadsheets and other manual approaches. Due to the complex and detailed governance requirements for a CRC, it quickly became obvious that a specifically written management program would achieve my aims without having to construct my own database and reporting system.

Following a review of the Centric System and discussions with personnel from Centric Management & Governance Solutions Pty Limited, I was significantly impressed with the scope and extent of the functionality of the system and the benefits it offered to the CRC. We entered into an arrangement with Centric and have not regretted this in any way and I am pleased to also say that the post implementation support has been excellent and professional.

It is worth noting that my appointment to the CRC occurred well after the original bid was announced as being successful. Subsequently, following reviews by DIISR, I have found critical background information had been lost and also some discrepancies in the bid data which could not be accounted for. The use of a database system at the time of the compilation of the application would have most likely ensured that this information was logged accurately and with the ability to retrieve and review quickly and easily. I am confident that the Centric System would have highlighted these inaccuracies as it includes integrity checks along the way.

In consideration of the above, I have no hesitation in recommending Centric to any prospective Bid Consortium as a precursor to getting the CRC up and working more efficiently as well as its use following a successful bid."

Michael Kleinig, Chief Executive Officer
CRC for Biomarker Translation


CENTRIC - meeting custom requirements  ....

"CAST CRC is now closed however I am very pleased to say that whilst we were operating, we had a great working relationship with Centric who were always very responsive to our needs. Centric added considerable value to our professional relationship.

Due to the length of time CAST operated (1999 to 2012) we had quite complex requirements of a management information system and Centric always went to great lengths to fulfil our requirements. Centric customised many aspects of the system to accommodate our specific needs and reporting requirements. Centric acted as the central repository for our corporate information; research, commercial, and administrative processing and successfully integrated all of our key information and publication assets from many previous years (we implemented Centric in March 2005). I understand that Centric also assisted CAST on the closing of the Centre helping to manage CAST's information and IP assets so that they were archived with appropriate care and available for future researchers.

Having trialled a number of systems during my time with CAST I believe that Centric is the easiest to access, the most reliable and the system that supplies the most extensive range of functionality."

Dr Sue Keay
Former Manager
Business Development Communication & Training
CAST CRC Limited.


CENTRIC - providing excellence in support  ....

"The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) is a unique venture established by the Australian Government in 2008 to harness the capabilities of Australia’s research institutions to generate the knowledge needed for successful adaptation. NCCARF’s research programs have addressed the knowledge needs of decision makers in Australia seeking to effectively adapt the nation to climate change. Through an investment of $38 million, NCCARF has brought together research teams from 33 universities, 61 Commonwealth, state and local government bodies and 25 private institutions to address key adaptation challenges. Outputs from the 148 projects in the research programs represent a world-class resource in adaptation.

To successfully manage this large number of projects we ran a selection process to identify the best on-line project management system we could find and invited several companies to bid. Our final selection was Centric and from the outset we knew we had made the right choice. Richard Hale and the Centric team were very hands-on and approachable, helping us to determine the best parts of the software to meet our needs and providing timely advice and very quick responses to any queries or issues that we needed resolved. The initial training package was very helpful.

This level of support allowed us to develop a new online application scheme for future grant rounds from the ground up. Centric and Richard Hale made the process of developing this online system straightforward with their ongoing willingness to work with us.

NCCARF would thoroughly recommend Centric and Richard Hale to any company requiring project management software."

Dr Daniel Stock


CENTRIC - experience and commitment ...

 "As Chairman of the CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management I am pleased to offer the following endorsement of the Centric system.

I have been sceptical of the claims of software systems and products, as my experience has been that the quoted cost and time to implement such systems often tends to be double the budgeted amount and the installed systems deliver considerably less than the value and capability originally promised.

I am pleased to say that Centric has proved my previous experience wrong. I am happy to offer them this endorsement in hope that others in the research sector will benefit from their experience, capability and commitment to achieve a solid reporting and governance foundation as they have for us.

Centric delivered and continues to provide a system that helps us to:

•    better manage and assess project progress,

•    monitor cash and in-kind and,

•    provide meaningful reports to assist in managing the CRC.

Consequently we are better placed to effectively monitor our progress and implement appropriate governance processes than we were before the installation of Centric.

I am happy to commend Centric to other CRC's and am confident that its implementation in your CRC will enhance your ability to effectively manage your organisation."


 Ted Scott, Chairman
 CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management


CENTRIC - fast and easy implementation  ....

 "We entered into a licence to use Centric half way through our CRC’s current life cycle. Centric has provided our Senior Management Group with an easy to use web based central knowledge repository for all program and project related information. It has become a valuable internal communication tool and also enables us to keep track of key contracts. The friendly and helpful staff at Centric provide very comprehensive training and support and this has assisted us in setting up our knowledge repository quickly and with minimum effort."

Kathy Rod, Business Services Manager
Grain Foods CRC


CENTRIC -  transforming research centres  ....

 "CIEAM embraced Centric at the date of our commencement extension 1 July 2010. Whilst we had used Centric in a limited fashion for the 7 years of our first funding period, our 3 year extension was predicated on the application of Centric fully.

It has had wide acceptance as the Centre's project management system and has transformed the centre at all levels increasing governance processes.

The Risk Audit and Finance Committee (RAFC) requested a detailed audit of its internal control and work flow capabilities for the year ended 30th June 2011 which proved to be very strong. It comprehensively assisted in Annual Reporting to CRC for the recent reporting period which it is tailored to achieve.

Both our Board and the RAFC have recorded their satisfaction with the Centric implementation, I heartily support Centric and recommend same to you."


Doug Dunstan
Business & Commercial Manager/Board Secretary
CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management


CENTRIC - managing multi-user reporting ....

"For a diverse organisation such as DET CRC the Quarterly Reporting function in Centric is particularly useful. Being web based it allows for preparation and multiple reviewers to input to reports with minimal admin burden. This is one of the primary ways that project progress is monitored within our organisation.

The other main use of Centric for DET CRC is as a repository for publications. Publications can be neatly labelled and sorted allowing easy access for researchers and sponsors both during the life of the CRC and ensuring its legacy after wind-up."


Ian Hardwick
Business Manager
Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre


CENTRIC - managing collaboration ....

"The Centric System is being used to support the delivery of management and governance for two of SMI's major international projects in the mining area.

The system is facilitating best practice information management of the intellectual contributions of international research collaborators involved in the projects, and is        delivering access to data to sponsors without compromising the confidentiality of the information."

Dr Gideon Chitombo
Manager Mass Mining
Sustainable Minerals Institute


CENTRIC - promoting accountability and simplifying reporting ....

"CRC for Infrastructure Engineering (CIEAM) was extended from its previous 7 year operation that ended on 30th June 2010. The extension took effect from 1st July 2010 for a three (3) year period ending 30th June 2013.

It its first 7 years, project accounting and milestone management was being delivered by a highly unreliable spreadsheet systems which required manipulation and detailed analysis at the end of each reporting period to extract results. It did not necessarily produce project costs that the Centre and its researchers had contracted to complete. Milestone completion and reporting was ad hoc and untimely.

When the CIEAM Board and Management decided to pursue the CIEAM extension we employed Centric's Bid Management Systems which helped us manage all aspects of the CRC bid and to build what was a highly successful proposal. The ability to populate a purpose built data base constructed to generate CRC metrics and projections provided a verifiable and highly reputable platform and was significantly more beneficial that a spreadsheet matrix which has inbuilt idiosyncrasies. Centric truly assisted us in mounting our winning bid.

Under a transparent and rigorous selection process, CENTRIC was then also selected as our ongoing reporting system, a decision we are still very pleased about. The following are key successes that have been driven by the CENTRIC system:

- Ownership and responsibility at all levels with regular milestones reporting and workflow approval of project deliverables

- Quarterly effort reporting based on based on verifiable and supportable actual results

- Annual CRC reporting made easy with the automated generation of all metrics required by CRC including actual and budgeted FTEs

- An excellent data base against which quarterly reconciliation between CENTRIC managing projects and the CIEAM MYOB used for financial management is a straightforward process

- An integrated IP Management Register which will be very much needed now in our Wind Up process

- An effective repository for a host of project related documents that will also assist in Wind Up requirements. 

CIEAM wishes to record its firm endorsement of the CENTRIC project management system, I would be please to provide a testimonial to any prospective client of the system."


Doug Dunstan
Business & Commercial Manager/Board Secretary
CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM)


CENTRIC - versatility  ....

"CRC Centric decreased the gradient of the learning curve faced by our management team in coordinating the activities of participating researchers and reporting project performance. Its recent adoption by other non CRC research organisations further demonstrates its versatility and strength in meeting corporate governance reporting requirements."

Rick Darroch, Business Manager, CRC for Irrigation Futures

"Centric are very responsive to our needs and have gone to great lengths to fulfill our complex requirements. For CAST, Centric acts as the central repository for our entire corporate information covering our research, commercial, administration program and project activities. We have found that Centric is easy to access, reliable and supplies a great range of functionality.

After reviewing a range of information management systems over the past three years CAST believes Centric delivers the most functions for our requirements and represents great value for the investment."


Sue Keay, Communication Manager
CAST CRC Limited, Brisbane



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Sue Keay, Communication Manager
CAST CRC Limited, Brisbane

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