Bid Centric

Preparing for a Bid

Advantages of Bid Centric

Advantages of Bid Centric


The functionality offered through Centric modules provides a clear structure for the bid and marshals the data into the various components which are needed to respond to Commonwealth requirements.  Our finance and effort modules have extensive features and advantages beyond the use of spreadsheets.  Using spreadsheets to manage your data is definitely more error prone, difficult and time consuming.

Data Integrity

CRC bid information needs to be cut and cross checked by Organisation and by Program and the use of an integrated system such as Centric provides assurance of data integrity.  Unlike spreadsheets the use of Centric also helps overcome a number of issues associated with the complicated nature of CRC bid structures.  These complicated and rigorous requirements are a significant factor in causing many bids to either be unsuccessful or not be submitted on time.

Upgrade Path

The information captured can be directly used in the full CRC Centric product and directly transferred to CRC operations if the bid is successful.

Easy Access

Centric is web based and thus access is available over any internet connection via use of a valid user name and password.  There is no limit to the number of users.

Document Management

Centric has included a document management module within the project management area of the system so that document versions can be tracked and controlled.

Partner Management

We have also included our sales management module which can be used to manage the engagement communications with partners as they progress toward commitments.  We believe that this is a critical process particularly when there are a number of people involved in discussions with potential partners of the bid.

Internal Communications Forum (ICF)

ICF is a useful tool which guarantees a secure interchange between participants, researchers and others involved in building the CRC programs and Bid detail thus ensuring that all of the interchange is captured in one secure place instead of unsecured emails.



Reports Available on Bid Centric


Data Integrity Check Report

Highlights missing data linkages to assist accurate data keeping

6 Detailed Financial Reports

These are full reports on FTE per organisation and persons, Cash, Non-Staff in-Kind + the link to the Input Template. CSV format for use in Excel

Effort and Value Report: BUDGETED (By Organisation, By Project, By User)

Alternate Financial Report.

Hierarchical Report

Easy overview of the structure of the programs and projects as the bid builds.

Mailing List Export

Puts contact details into one easy to integrate CSV report.

Project Notes Report

Part of the standard function – can meet your needs for specific reporting points as required for the bid.

Project Report

Standard report

Project Team Report

Provides a full list of persons on projects.

Project Timeline Report

Gantt Chart reporting

User Tasks & Milestones Report

This is a useful analysis report

Users Report

This is a useful analysis report

Partner Management Reports

The Budget Report and Contact Report show all of the interactions with potential partners by simple time and date stamped notes,  and details of proposed funding.


Implementation processes, milestones and timelines

The implementation is quite straight forward and can be done within 1 week of acceptance.  As far as the timing of putting a system in place, we recommend that the system be purchased as close to the beginning of the bid process as possible.  This will smooth the process and fast track all of the requirements that need to be met.  Milestones and reminder messaging are also included so that you can run the bid as a project.


Training provisions

Most of the training required will be covered in a one day session.


Technical Support

The same support is offered for the Bid Centric system as is provided for our main Centric system - 4 hour response time (usually sooner), business hours Monday to Friday.  Please note training in the use of the system is not considered support.

Business Support

In addition to the system, Centric can provide extra resources and support to assist in compiling bid information, verifying existing data and performing additional data entry into Centric and the DIISR online data base.

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