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Centric falls into the category of Software as a Service (SaaS), by being 100% web based, centralised, secure and with nothing to install. It is accessible 24/7 worldwide. Having a variety of user access levels means that people only have access to the information they need and to information which they are authorised to see.

Information in any format is stored centrally in the database and can be accessed only by authorised users of the system. The system uses Program and Project management structures to ensure responsibility and accountability for desired outcome. The system links and manages projects, people, milestones & tasks interactively and visually. Effort contributions of both in-kind and cash as well as expenses are managed down to project level.

Key Features

  • Program & Project Management, Including Financials
  • Effort Management & Control
  • Commonwealth & Financial Reporting
  • Data Integrity Checking
  • IP Management & Logging
  • Publications Management
  • Internal Messaging
  • User Management
  • Participating Organisations Management
  • Intergrated Public Website (optional)
  • Configurable & Easy Access Control
  • Nothing To Install & Easy To Use Anywhere In The World
  • Secure, Stable & Proven
  • No Limit On User Numbers For CRCs
  • Centralised Data Storage & Backup (Never Lose Data Again)



2014/5 Enhancements

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13/2/15 - Publications

A new addition to the access levels allows sites to choose to prevent any non-Administrators from Archiving publications.

The newl Publications list screen now allows users to view and filter Publications, but prevents their ability from Archiving those publications.

This gives sites more control over how users can view and use Publications.

1/5/14 - Publications

 We have recently updated the Publications module to allow for archiving Publications and also bulk deleting Publications.  The general Publications list screen now enables the user to identify and archive Publications, both individually and in bulk.  Once Publications have been archived, they can then be deleted from the Archive, individually or in bulk.

A publication can still be deleted individually by changing the status within the publication.


21/2/14 - Publications Reports

We have recently updated the Publications Report (found under Administration & Governance / Reports) with an additional filter.  

Previously, publications could be filtered by Type, Status and Publication Date - now the publications can also be filtered by Date Created, allowing for more flexible reporting on non-published publications.




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Our Clients say...

Mrs Kym Bruce nee Orman
Ex Business Manager
Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Ltd (to be deregistered on the 2/9/13)

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