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Using the Centric system for the management of a Bid for a CRC will allow:

  • Data about the bid and bid management to be stored centrally - this prevents the loss of information that can occur with multiple parties working on various aspects of the bid within different organisations;
  • The structure of the proposed CRC and its research to be defined clearly;
  • The bid process to be run as a project, enabling the tracking of key dates, submissions and who is responsible for the various tasks;
  • The financial information to be verified for integrity and produced in CSV format ready for on-line entry;
  • Tracking of proposed partner organisations and their committed contributions (their people) and the associated financials for cash and in-kind contributions;
  • Tracking of pre commitment partner interactions - helpful when multiple persons are engaging in selling the CRC to potential participants;
  • Key document and electronic file storage and version management.

Our product will allow the following key aspects of the Bid to be managed:

  • Generating the Commonwealth required financial information; and
  • Bid Document Management including access and version control over all documents.

The BID process is time consuming and generally involves a variety of stakeholders.  A structured system assists the bid process and helps to identify any obvious flaws in the proposed CRC structure before any submission is made to the Commonwealth.

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Deep Exploration Technologies CRC

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