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The Centric system successfully combines the practice of project management with the principles of governance and information management.

To date there are 3 key areas in which the Centric system has been deployed in the Research Governance market which are described below. However, we believe the fundamental management principles included in our system can be used extensively in, and by, any organisation.

summary_bg_events_192Bid Centric

Bid Centric is specifically packaged to meet the needs of Research Centres, such as Cooperative Research Centres, undergoing a bidding process with a final submission date.

For example, it includes version control document management in a specific module. This allows management of collaboration over a document throughout its lifecycle.

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> Preparing for a Bid

> Advantages of Bid Centric


CRC Centric (for Australian Cooperative Research Centres)summary_bg_tasks_201

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program is an Australian Government Initiative administered by DIISRT, the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.  The Centric system is the most comprehensive and successful system for CRCs on the market today.  This product suite offers all the core components to manage and govern a Cooperative Research Centre, including a standard set of modules that will assist in meeting the minimum requirements;  as well as a variety of optional add-ons, including modules that help automate some of the more time consuming processes for the Centre such as quarterly project reporting and effort reporting.

Centric can provide an affordable entry-level configuration which can be upgraded over time to a more comprehensive set of modules depending on the budget and business processing needs of each Centre.

summary_bg_news_234Research Centric

This product is designed to meet individual Research Centre management and governance needs as distinct from Cooperative Research Centres.   Again there are a standard set of modules that will assist in meeting the key requirements of any Research Centre.  Centres that would benefit from the use of Research Centric include the Centres of Excellence (COEs) funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and independently funded research centres, large and small. 

This product  is open to be customised to meet specific requirements for your Centre or choose from a variety of optional add-on modules. 

Centric can provide an affordable entry-level configuration which can be upgraded over time to a more comprehensive set of modules depending on the budget and business processing needs of each Centre.


Centric Features & Benefits

System Administration

Benefits Features
  • Set Standard Templates For End Users
  • Manage Different Templates For Different User Types
  • Add & Administer Centric Users
  • Apply Different User Types For Different Levels Of Access
  • Record User Information Through Sub-Modules
  • Data Integrity Analysis Ensures Accuracy
  • Template Module
  • Specify Template Access By User Types
  • Dedicated User Module For Administrators
  • Site Specific Access Levels
  • Publish To Integrated Web Site (Optional)

Managing Effort & Financials

Benefits Features
  • Record FTE - Availability & Actual
  • Ensures Data Integrity As You Go & Ongoing
  • Manage Allocation At Project Level
  • Compare Budget To Actual Effort
  • Avoid Over Allocation
  • Record Income Allocations For Contributing Organisation By Quarter, Splitting Cash From In-Kind
  • Record Expense Allocations By Contributing Organisation, For Cash & In-Kind Quarterly
  • Easily Monitor Budgeted vs. Actuals
  • Integrated Commonwealth Reporting
  • Data Integrity Checking
  • User Specific Effort Allocation
  • Dynamically Linked To Project Module
  • Organisation Sub-Module To Record Contributions
  • Dynamic Linking of Budgeted & Actual Effort By Project & By Organsiation
  • Commonwealth Agreement Tracking


Communicating & Collaborating

Benefits Features
  • Manage Your News Items In One Area
  • Publish To Web Site Easily
  • Set Archiving Date
  • Create News Items For Specific Audience
  • Insert Graphics Using The Editor
  • Include Attachments & URL
  • Send/Receive Messages To/From Centric Users
  • Receive System Messages Such As Task Reminders
  • Send Messages To Your Project Team Or To A Group Of Users


  • News Module With Optional Web Publishing
  • Newsletter Module For External Contacts
  • Archive Date Autoatically Archives Old News Items
  • Create Special Interest Groups
  • Message Module With Optional Email Notification For Casual Centric Users

Project Management

Benefits Features
  • Define Project & Sub-Project Hierarchy
  • Record Key Information About Each Project
  • Manage All Project Related Areas Such As Tasks & Milestones, Risk, Documents, Notes etc,
  • Drill To Details With A Single Click
  • Ensure Critical Activities Have Been Completed
  • Dedicated Project Module
  • Powerful Linked Related Sub-Modules Such As: Risk, TeamMembers, Auditable Notes etc.
  • Data Integrity Assurance Check
  • Financial Summary Sub-Module Shows A Summary Of All Cash/In-Kind Budget & Actuals Of Income & Expenditure Within The Project
  • Project Based Organisation Cash/In-Kind Contributions & Expenses Sub-Module

Monitoring Outcomes & Achievements

Benefits Features
  • Fast & Easy Access To Key Areas For Review & Action
  • Powerful Overall View Of Tasks & Milestones
  • Personal Tasks vs. Team Tasks
  • Easily Identifiable Potential Problems
  • Single-Click Into Details & Take Action
  • Summary Screen For Quick Access
  • Overall Task Summary Screen
  • Personal Task Summary Screen
  • Change Sort Order With A Single Click
  • Drill Into Details In One Click
  • Gantt/Time Line Reporting Feature

Programs & Partners Management

Benefits Features
  • Centrally Manage All Organisations
  • Record Important Details
  • Record All Their Different Addresses
  • Build A Hierarchy Of All Your Programs & Sub-Programs
  • Manage What Gets Published Onto Web Site
  • Attach Important Contracts & Documents
  • Define Milestones & Related Outcomes
  • List All The People Involved In Each Program
  • Easy To Understand Effective Hierarchical Structure
  • Easy Sort & Search
  • Integrated Modules & Sub-Modules
  • Consistent List, Add & Find Button Across All Modules
  • Straight Forward Intuitive Approach To Managing Program Data

CRC Management & Governance

Benefits Features
  • A Whole Solution From Beginning To End For All CRCs
  • Secure, Stable & Proven
  • No Limit On User Numbers For CRCs
  • Easily Used Anywhere In The World
  • CEntralised Data Storage & Backup (Never Lose Data Again)
  • Intuitive, Natural & Easy To Learn
  • Integrated Public Web Site
  • Program & Project Management Including Financials
  • Effort Management & Control
  • Commonwealth & Financial Reporting
  • Data Integrity Checking
  • IP Management & Logging
  • Publications Management
  • Configurable & Easy Access Control
  • Nothing To Install
  • Traffic Light Alerts
  • Pre-Defined Reportins Including Gantt-Style Charts
  • Comprehensive Search Facility



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