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Our Market and Value of our Product to Clients

We are currently serving the Research sector. In the first instance we have targeted the Cooperative Research Centres set up under the DEST Cooperative Research Centre funding program as proof of concept and market entry. In addition we have also won two large non-CRC Research Centres:

  • National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) and
  • Defence Materials Technology Centre

The product is immediately applicable to any research centre, and we expect further expansion into this market as the need for Research Governance increases. We anticipate this to occur as there is an increasing emphasis by both Government and Corporate stakeholders involved in innovation to achieve a higher return on investment.

Traditionally responsibility and accountability for reporting and obtaining commercial outcomes has been a low priority for research centres. We believe this is related to the view many researchers hold about the application of performance indicators to their domain. The general view we observe is that governance is seen as potential inhibitor to innovation.

The increasing engagement of corporate stakeholders and governmental accountability is augmenting the pressure on research centres to adopt a more commercial and corporate attitude in regards to governance. This is particularly so in regard to their use of funding and human resources and the subsequent outcomes realised from their use. As such, we envisage a product such as Centric will increasingly become more needed and sought after. Millions of dollars are spent each year in research in 100's of centres across Australia alone. Governance is an absolute need.

Justification and Payback

Whilst the measurement of administrative costs associated with running any organisation may tend to be thought of as obvious, we have found in our experience that the accounting for the costs does not completely disclose the associated efficiency or lack thereof associated with the resources concerned. If the underlying management systems are inefficient then there will be always be an increasing need to hire more staff to cope with the work load. In some cases it also means hiring more expensive and experienced people to cope with the inefficiency.

A Simple Example
As a simple example, how much money is being spent on a standalone corporate website?

The costs are not only related to the site itself. There are costs associated with keeping it up to date, the additional costs of staff and / or consultants who have knowledge of web site design and can create the pages required. In some cases the web site is a priority and therefore kept up to date and in other cases the website is always out of date and lags significantly behind. We believe that the unarticulated costs concerning the administration management of a public web site could add up to at least 30K per annum or more if the organisation is serious about its Web presence.

The Centric product has an integrated public web module that anyone with basic computer skills can learn in about an hour. Once the module is designed and put in place for your organisation updating it becomes an easy task for existing personnel. Because it is integrated with the management system there is much greater level of efficiency and reduced duplication of data entry.

Other paybacks include:

  • Better and more efficient collaboration
  • Call to action on outcomes clearly brings better results and a better use of resources
  • Measurements and metrics on Program and Projects portfolios prompt efficient proactive management rather than inefficient reactive management
  • Better focus on progress toward achievement leading to better commercial outcomes for the organisation
  • Less admin time and hence less admin costs needed on report preparation and gathering data, particularly concerning quarterly and annual reporting
  • Management and Governance efficiency means more resources available to focus on value added tasks

Our Clients say...

Michael Kleinig, Chief Executive Officer
CRC for Biomarker Translation

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