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Centric Management & Governance Solutions Pty Ltd provides a web delivered application suite that successfully combines the practice of project management with the principles of governance.

Our system has a well thought out focus on managing the three key areas being PEOPLE, INFORMATION and OUTCOMES. Through ACG we provide management consulting services specifically related to effective and efficient governance across the operational areas of any organisation, particularly those involved in innovation. And through Output dsj's technical expertise we are able to integrate these processes into the Centric system, whether as a customised feature for a particular centre, or as a standard offering for all Centric customers. The philosophy behind our solution is our firm belief that a governance system must foster an environment where the intended outcomes have the best chance of being achieved, communicated and amplified for the benefit of all stakeholders. With the increasing focus on governance, management and their boards need to ensure that the governance system is effective and comprehensive.

The mature SaaS model allows us to provide our client base with new functionalities and/or enhancements with little or minimal impact. While all users share the same highly modular application framework and database, our security and our innovative system configuration provides us with the flexibility to offer each client a level of customisation, including the look & feel of the User Interface. This potentially provides a totally different experience to different user types across our many clients.

Our model also allows us to provide a very rapid application deployment cycle, since a new client’s site can be configured in a matter of hours, rather than months. With no software installations or downloads required, clients can rapidly start using the application.

We therefore have the ability to prototype and brainstorm the possible ways to structure a client’s information, which is a critical step in any application implementation.
Combining business knowledge, technical expertise and hands-on experience in managing research centres, we have created a unique and functionally rich Web based platform.

Product Synopsis

The Centric system helps research organisations to manage People, Information and Outcomes. Primarily the product was designed to assist in collaborative ventures where there was no commonly shared infrastructure between the venture partners. The Centric system effectively fuses the principles of project management with the principles of good corporate governance.

The system organises information in a structured and intuitive way, displaying and presenting information visually in a way that makes it easy to assess the current status of any activity being managed by the organisation. Information and status is summarised with visual signalling using the concept of traffic lights in many areas of the system. This capitalises on a speed of light process that is an innate part of our daily life and applies it in such a way that all users can quickly assess the information being presented.


Combining the principles of project management and governance in an intuitive and accessible web delivered service is innovative and much needed in today’s corporate world. This combination is effective because it promotes a disciplined and strategically managed corporate environment. Being web based and visually meaningful and having controlled but straight forward access to it, Centric facilitates operational transparency and disclosure which is a key aspect of good corporate governance.

Our product contains the discipline of project management and within it the ability to define at both a high and detailed level what is being done, the specific persons taking the responsibility, and who has the authority to act to achieve the desired goal.

Our approach has simple and meaningful signalling and visualisation which promotes transparency and disclosure. All levels of users within an organisation can have secure access to relevant and meaningful information using Centric, which in turns facilitate effective governance. Having more management rigor and a clear focus on outcomes allows a much better chance for organisations to achieve its objectives.

Our application provides a comprehensive management tool and environment which, actively monitors the delivery of organisational outcomes through the tracking of ownership and accountability of tasks and milestones.


We ensure quality is maintained by adopting a 4-phase testing process for enhancements and custom development including: developer, functional, business process and user acceptance testing.

We have also deployed an automated error reporting process within the system that provides direct contact to support services.

Product Features

Centric falls into the category of Software as a Service (SaaS), by being 100% web based, centralised, secure and with nothing to install. It is accessible 24/7 worldwide. Having a variety of user access levels means that people only have access to the information they need and to information which they are authorised to see.

Information in any format is stored centrally in the database and can be accessed only by authorised users of the system. The system uses Program and Project management structures to ensure responsibility and accountability for desired outcome. The system links and manages projects, people, milestones & tasks interactively and visually. Effort contributions of both in-kind and cash as well as expenses are managed down to project level.

Alerts for users are managed in a specific message module. These messages are work-flow linked to the item on the system that needs a user’s attention. To further prompt the user to action messages in the system, a single email will be sent to the user’s email address each day only if there are new unread messages.

The system is comprehensive and includes:

  • Program and Project Management Modules
  • Document management and control
  • Risk management
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Website content management Modules
  • Customised and structured reporting
  • Intellectual Property (IP) logging
  • In-kind and cash effort (budget and actual)
  • Approval mechanisms
  • Auditable notes
  • Messaging with workflow links
  • and much more

Ongoing Product Enhancements

CMGS is committed to continually improving and enhancing the Centric system. All customers are entitled to receive many of the standard improvements or enhancements as part of their annual Support and Maintenance fees. Some of the more complex new functionality are offered as additional optional modules.  And, where a customer has a specific need that is not part of our standard enhancement program, we offer a custom development service.

CMGS has also actively encouraged the establishment of a User Forum which is driven by a user chair in rotation. This ensures and completes a critical feed back loop so that we continue to address client's business evolving needs. In collaboration with our clients we are able to help determine how their needs can be integrated into the Centric system, as well as allow customers to share the cost of customisation. 
For a snapshot of the features introduced over the years, click here.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of any of these features, please call us on 02 9889 2411.


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