12/3/13 Updates to 'Add' screens in all main modules

March 12 2013


We have recently updated 'Add' screens in main modules to help improve workflow.  'Add' screens now have the following options after entering the data:

1) 'Add More Details'
2) 'Add New'
3) 'Finish'

These changes apply in the following modules:

- Contacts
- Groups Management
- IP
- Organisations
- Outputs MS Reporting: Milestones and Outputs
- Projects
- Programs
- Publications
- Reportable Activities
- Travel Requests (where applicable)

In addition, the Projects submodule in the Users module has been given an additional option to progress directly from this submodule to the Effort Allocation submodule via the 'Add Effort' link.  So, when entering new Users, by clicking on the 'Add More Details' button when saving data, you will be directly taken to the Projects submodule, where the user can be assigned to a Project, and thence straight to the Effort Allocation screen to assign their effort against this project.

Please call or email us today for more details.  Or to read about past product enhancements please view our Product Features or our Enhancements Archive.


Our Clients say...

Dr Gideon Chitombo
Manager Mass Mining
Sustainable Minerals Institute

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