12/11/12 Updates to emails, task management, and project quarterly reporting

November 12 2012


Thanks to everyone who has been providing Centric with feedback via our new 'Have Your Say' button.  The following updates are a result of valuable feedback from our clients:

Email content:
We have now modified the content of the automated reminder emails (ie. the emails that go to your email address and tell you how many unread messages you have in your Centric account).  The Centric email will now show the Subject line of each new, unread message.  This means that you can quickly review the Subject of each unread message to determine whether you need to log into Centric immediately, or whether these messages can be read at a later time.

Task management:
When creating tasks, you now have the option to choose whether to notify (via Messaging) the Person Responsible that they have been assigned to the Task, and/or whether they are are notified of reminders.  The default will always be set to receive messages, and you can over-ride this setting by unticking the Notification checkbox.

Quarterly Reporting:
The Project Quarterly Reports display tasks and milestones relating directly to the period under report.  Some of these milestones have other related tasks which don't appear in the report.  In order to view the complete list of tasks and milestones relating to the project, we have now included a link in the Quarterly Report which opens the Project Task screen in a separate tab in your browser and displays all tasks and milestones for the project.

Please call or email us today for more details.  Or to read about past product enhancements please view our Product Features or our Enhancements Archive.

The Centric Support Team.


Our Clients say...

Doug Dunstan
Business & Commercial Manager/Board Secretary
CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM)

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