Centric releases new IK OH valuation for Bids and CRCs

September 30 2010

At a June meeting between Richard Hale (CMGS) and Kris Brown (Section Manager CRC Program Strategy and Communications) the matter of Non-Staff In Kind valuation on Cash funded persons from CRC Partners was discussed at length.   Subsequently, a new mandated approach to Non-staff In-Kind has been introduced by DIISR. 

To assist and expedite CRC Bids and, henceforth new CRCs, CMGS has introduced a new version of financial reporting to cater for these changes.  All Bid sites received these changes in August this year, while CRC sites have received them today.  (Changes apply only to new CRCs funded from Round 13 onwards.  All other CRCs have the option of retaining the old valuation methods or updating to the new method.)

More information about the valuation method can be found on the DIISR website, in the FAQs section (refer items 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4).  And demonstrations of how the new method works within the Centric systems can be arranged by calling +61 2 9889 2455.


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