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Centric Management and Governance Solutions (CMGS) is a provider of :

  • Widely used Management Information Systems (MIS) in the R & D Sector
  • Business and Technical Support establishment MIS and Governance
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Business Process Consulting

We are experts at taking the business requirements from conception to implementation using highly intuitive and exceptional methods that ensures that information assets within the organisation remain living instead of dormant and stale. We do this by utilising sophisticated tracking and visual signaling in our systems that encourage active management rather than reactive responses.We have a range of products that support the management of all types of organisations within the research community.

CRC Centricdesigned for the Co-operative Research Centres of Australia (CRCs) and their government reporting requirements and day-to-day management and project reporting
Bid Centricspecifically suited for collaborative interaction and modelling whilst preparing a submission for funding
Research Centricstandard modules suited for managing any type of research centre such as a Centre of Excellence or independent research centre,
with the ability to design and add new modules for a centre\'s unique needs.  Also suitable for non-research organisations who are managing R&D projects.

What Our Customers Say

Bid-Centric - make your CRC Bid come alive!

Are you currently considering a bid for a new or new from old CRC? Centric has a great product to assist in your BID for a new CRC - we call it Bid-Centric.

  • Is your bid structure clear and consequential?
  • Do you have multiple parties working on the same document?
  • Can you track and manage the promised commitments?
  • Are you managing the bid project effectively so that everyone knows who is doing what ?



Our Clients say...

Mrs Kym Bruce nee Orman
Ex Business Manager
Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Ltd (to be deregistered on the 2/9/13)

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